Aurore Piette

Aurore Piette presents her practice between contemporary craft, vegan-design and wabi-sabi philosophy, positioning herself as a neo craft and material maker. Self-proclaimed ‘Craftswoman of the Sea’, she is  inspired by her environment, evolving her work through local material experimentation and engagement with engineers and other craftspeople.





Ching-Hui Yang

Ching-Hui Yang is a Taiwanese wearable designer based in London, exploring different materials and techniques to challenge what defines jewellery. Interested in the relationship between body and object, she sees jewellery design as a way to examine new methods of understanding the link between our bodies and emotions.





Davide Piscitelli

Considering himself a Hyperobject Explorer, Davide Piscitelli works in the intersection of art, design and research. He aims to investigate socio-political and ecological implications of emerging technologies through critical design research and making. He is currently interested in the discrepancy between how Artificial Intelligence systems perceive reality under a non-anthropocentric view and our human understanding of these alternate forms of intelligence.





Jen Keane

Jen Keane is a designer and creative researcher working in between the disciplines of design and science, technology and craft. Inspired by notions of sustainability, and a fascination with new digital and biological tools, she is exploring how new technologies could be employed to design a new generation of hybrid materials, and perhaps change our approach to making altogether.





Liv Bargman

Liv Bargman is an illustrator originally from the Welsh borders, exploring narratives surrounding science and mythology. Liv uses illustration as a speculative tool to show us what can’t be seen with a microscope or the naked eye. Mythical futures are explored in her recent work concerning the development of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance.





Ludovica Cantarelli

With a background in material engineering, Ludovica Cantarelli works at the intersection of material science, design and traditional craft. Her practice is driven by her Italian roots and focuses on creating sustainable, progressive solutions through material innovation.





Nina Cutler

Nina Cutler is an interdisciplinary designer based in London, who uses playful fiction to explore critical issues in emerging technologies and culture. Interested in how systems of power, materials, politics and ecology interplay with individual psychology and relationships, her current work aims to provoke nuanced thought and debate around the rapid infiltration of new technology into unexpected areas of society.





Noemie Soula

Engaging with bioethics and social issues, Noémie Soula’s approach is transdisciplinary, mixing science, film, storytelling, and design. Exploring subjects from alternative perspectives, her aim is to activate unexpected debates and to push the boundaries of our expectations about the future.





Sinae Kim

Sinae Kim is an material designer and researcher exploring the relationship of science and craft through experimental process. She pursues provocative ways of challenging social barriers between the potential use of materials and how people perceive them.